Matter, Gravity and Dark Energy

Nick Summers
March 2010

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I hope you will find the book interesting and if you feel that corrections are in order, or would like to make any recommendations, then I would be grateful for any feedback.

Here is a list of contents

  • Curved space
  • The 4th Spatial Dimension
  • Brief Interlude
  • What is Gravity?
  • What is Dark Energy?
  • What is Energy?
  • Creation of Matter
  • The Aether Revisited
  • Properties of Dark Energy
  • Absolute and Relative Time
  • Where is the center of the Universe?
  • The Boundary of an Infinite Universe
  • A Singularity
  • Action at a distance
  • What is Energy? (revisited) 
  • Belief is not enough
  • The Speed of Gravity
  • Cause of Inertia
  • Where is all the antimatter?
  • The Shapiro Effect  

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